Barn Owl Rodeo at Yates Farm

Its not often that we get the chance to help out a familiar bird family, but that’s what happened at Doug Yates Farm, host of the annual St. Jude’s Rodeo each year. (August 4th – 6th).

It all began a few months ago when we received a call about an injured Barn Owl that had fallen from its nest located in their arena. We responded, only to find out that the young owl had a bad break in its leg and would not be able to be placed back into the wild with its family. This beautiful owl was affectionately named Lovely

and is still recovering in our care.  Lovely has a future as an educational bird.

Not long ago, Yates Farm reached out to us again about a barn owl that had fallen from the nest and needed to be put back with its family. When we arrived, we discovered that it’s the same nest and this owl is a sibling to our Lovely.

The young owl was in good health and just needed to be placed back in the nest. Tyler, who makes our Barn Owl Boxes, was more than happy to get into the large fork lift and install a new home “nest” for this amazing owl family.

The parent owl and one other sibling watched us from across the barn as we installed their new home. We are so thankful to Yates Farm for not only reaching out to us again and allowing us to help with beautiful family of owls, but also for providing us the man power and fork lift to install the new home in their arena.