What About That Pumpkin?

Squirrels will be happy to take your leftover pumpkin.

Halloween is over and you may be eyeing that pumpkin and wondering what to do with it. Consider several of the following ways you can use your pumpkin to benefit native wildlife.

REMEMBER: Whatever you do, keep your pumpkin away from the road. Wildlife may be lured to the area by the pumpkin smell, and wildlife and roads NEVER mix!

Make it “To-Go”
Cut the pumpkin into pieces and place them on a rock or stump. Many critters like to “grab-and-run” so they can eat their snack from a safer vantage point. Cutting your pumpkin into smaller pieces will make it ideal for them.

Autumn Feast
Cut your pumpkin into two halves, and hollow them out to make two “bowls”. Drill some holes for twine or wire and fill with birdseed. Hang this buffet on a nearby branch so you can watch songbirds, and squirrels, enjoy the fall treat.

Plant the seeds
Save those seeds and watch pumpkins grow next spring. Set aside the seeds and allow them to dry. Then place them in the freezer to ensure they stay dormant until you’re ready to plant them. Pumpkin flowers attract pollinators to your garden and enhance the benefits of native insects.

If you already have a compost pile, or perhaps you’re short on time, putting your pumpkin in the compost bin may be the easiest way to make sure it benefits the bacteria and other organisms that breakdown composted items. After a few months, the composted material will make an excellent addition to flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Cut your leftover pumpkin into chunks to-go.