The Damage Glue Can Do

This Carolina Wren was attracted to all the bugs on the glue trap.

The man who rescued this Carolina Wren never intended for this to happen. He had a moth infestation so he called an exterminator, who put down glue traps all around the house. A few days later, he found the wren on the trap in distress.

It was simply attracted to all the bugs and became stuck! Thankfully no bones were broken (which usually happens to birds and mammals on glue traps), but it lost many primary feathers and was even degloved in a few places.

After a long stay in rehab, this Carolina Wren is ready to fly again.

After a lengthy stay in rehab, the new feathers grew back in. The wren was released, along with seven mourning doves, on Halloween Day at the Enterprise South Wetlands. Thanks again to Volkswagen Chattanooga for giving us special access for the release.

Glue traps are extremely cruel and inhumane! No animal deserves to suffer injuries or slow death on these traps. Please don’t allow your exterminator to use glue/sticky traps for insects or pest!!